ABOUT US [Über uns]



Haytad Urachyan, an Armenian-German who founded and owns Old German Bakery immigrated to the US from Cologne, Germany. Like a lot German expats living in New York/New Jersey area, he missed the incomparable taste of genuine German bread. His goal eventually became to introduce genuine German baked goods into the US market. Walking around Hoboken, Haytad was intrigued by the European style architecture, and the lively restaurant and bar scene in Hoboken, New Jersey. And so, it come to be that Haytad opened the doors to Old German Bakery in historic downtown Hoboken, New Jersey in January 2011. 

Old German Bakery offers guests a taste of Germany


With its large variety of constantly revolving traditional German baked goods; cakes, breads, pastries, pretzels and more, Old German Bakery is an oasis of deliciousness.

As a privately-owned family business, we want to make sure that we deliver only the best to our guests, just like Oma [Grandma] used to bake. Our expertise is founded on solid German products and support from our partners in Germany who have over 50 years-experience in the bakery business. We strongly believe in the highest quality ingredients. 

All original German recipes with German baking heritage in every slice!  

House Blend Coffee


We also import our own roasted coffee beans from Europe. 

This is wonderfully rich and lusciously smooth-with or without milk!

We are proud to serve all of our delicious items on our signature-made porcelain plates and cups from a leading porcelain brand, Eschenbach Porzellan Germany.